Changing the Bookkeeping game.

Bookkeeping isn't just data entry, numbers or even money. It's about a relationship, analysing the numbers and listening to whats happening in your business. If you get the relationship right the sky is the limit for any business.

We combine the benefits of the business, finance and industry knowledge with advances made possible by technology to deliver you the best experience possible.

Numbers surrounds us, but we don’t always think about where it comes from or how it got to us.

The way we do bookkeeping and our experiences with technology have huge impact on everything from the way data is recorded to our streamlining your day to day business.

This is all designed to give you time back to do what you do best and grow your business.

3 key pillars that we base out business on.
We don't like to complicate things, so we have just 3 key pillars on which we do business.


Stay curious

Business is not always what it seems. We aim to stay curious and use our knowledge of your industry, with out loosing focus as you as an individual business. What are your individual challenges and benefits? we want your business to excel.


Be respectful

We hold ourselves to a high standard and expect that of those we work with. Being respectful of all backgrounds and individuals is something we hold close. Please respect us and we will do the same for you.


Do good work

Who wants good work? we are constantly aiming for great and beyond. We have integrity and pride ourselves on fulfilling what we promise. We are accountable for our actions, as our clients we will hold you accountable to your actions too.

Meet Jessica the face behind Bailey Bookkeeping Service.
Jessica has extensive experience in the banking and finance sector with a specific focus on small to large companies. Her eye for detail and ability to add value to small business by streamlining their processes fills her passion for small business.

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